Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What's their secret?

How do people stay in the same job for 10, 15, 20 years? I’m going on five, and I’m nearly insane. Is there some sort of anaesthetic out there that numbs you to the BS of it all? Sign me up for it if there is.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

I wish I could say

things have gotten better at work. I wish I wish I wish.
But they haven’t. I was given a project “of my own” to do, and at first, I was excited. That wore off. After a week.
I wish they had fired me. Given me the boot. Kicked my ass into taking a chance and doing something else. I’m worried about where the money is going to come from, while at the same time I couldn’t give a crap about going to work.

The first time today that I actually started to get some work done the machine goes belly up and gives me the blue screen of death.

I can’t even go get drunk at lunch, because I have a sinus infection that is making me feel dizzy when completely sober. If I drink even a quarter of a drink, I’ll feel like I’m going to puke for a few hours afterward.

Something is biting me in my sleep, like a bug or something. The left side of my face is covered in red bumps about ¼” in diameter.

ManThing is miserable because I have been miserable for a week.

I am angry with the Dog. I can’t open any windows in the house (some fuckwit painted them all shut), and the Dog crapped on the floor for the second time. She rolls around in leaves and mud every chance she gets, and she smells awful. Ergo, our house smells awful, because I can’t open any fucking windows.

I am still fat. I say that as if I thought it might just go away on its own if I hated it enough. Didn’t work.

I survived another round of layoffs, which is astounding, when you consider how piss-poor my attitude has been lately. I must be good.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Puffy Dance of Looooove

I’m going to miss having a window at the new office. I like to watch the birds. There is a mallard duck with a “harem” of two females that waddles around a lot. The intelligence-challenged nest builders continue to attack their reflections on the outside of the window.
It’s funny to watch the grackles outside do the “Puffy Dance of Looove.” I am so puffy! I make goot mate for jur babies!

Saturday, March 20, 2004

editing jpegs

It's the first weekend since we've moved into the house. We forgot to turn off the alarm Friday night, so it goes off nice n' early at 6AM on Saturday morning. I shuffled over to turn it off, mumbling, "It's Saturday, right? We don't have to get up on Saturday?" ManThing replies "not unless you're editing jpegs!"

Say huh?

He says it again.

It is then I realize he is still asleep. Later I ask him about it, and he has no idea what he was dreaming about or anything that might have held relevance to the situation.

But it makes for a good story.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Hey, I'm working back here!

More progress (?) in feline-dog relations.

The Dog is standing in the bathroom, looking at me. The Cat walks up behind her, covertly, and starts sniffing the Dog's butt. Dog turns around to look at what Cat is doing. Cat growls, as if to say, "don't look at me while I'm trying to sniff your butt." Dog turns back around to look at me. One could almost see the Dog shrug.

Cat finishes "investigation" and walks away.

Monday, March 15, 2004

I never thought I'd just want to do laundry so badly

The dryer had a 4-prong cord. The wall had a 3-prong hole. I managed to fix that easily enough, but cracked after attempting to put the dryer vent hose back on and being thwarted by the hose clamp repeatedly. ManThing came home to find me curled up in fetal position with the Cat on our bed. He took over that task, defeated the evil hose clamp, and so we decided to try out the whole laundry thing.

It was fine until spin cycle.

Water splattering on the floor isn't something you want to hear. Especially on hardwoods. I turn off the washer and yell for ManThing. Chaos ensues.

Theory #1: The drain hose isn't in the pipe far enough. There is much cramming and gnashing of teeth. That sucker wasn't going any farther in. It had "ribs" (hee. ribs.) at the top which seemed to be keeping it from going in.

Theory #2: If we cut one or two of the ribs off, it will fit better. Uh uh.

Theory #3: ManThing runs to the hardware store and comes back with this rubber contraption for us to put around the drain hose and shove it back in the pipe. It held the hose in, but water still kept coming out of the top.

During all of these experiments, ManThing is being held captive behind the washer. Someone had to be back there in case the water erupted again at the onset of drainage- which it did every time. When I say captive, it is in a literal sense, because the water heater is directly above the washer and the hoses won't reach far enough to allow walking space. I ran off and got the camera while he stood there and looked like he was doing obscene things to a major household appliance.

At this point, we decided we were out of our element and would call a plumber the next day. Since we still had a washer full of clothes- and water- we began the tedious task of transferring clothes into the dryer. I would take a few pieces of sopping wet laundry, wring them out, and hand them to ManThing to take out into the garage, where the dryer lives. This took about 20 minutes, as the washer was completely full.

At some time during all of this, I had managed to bump one of the knobs on the gas stove, and gas was coming from one of the burners. We smelled the gas, but didn't realize where it was coming from, and so completely freaked out since we were tinkering around below the gas water heater. Somehow the pilot light went out, and it took half an hour to figure out how the hell to get it lit again.

We had to break down and make the "Daddy call" to Chris's dad, since neither of us knew anything about this sort of situation, and were convinced we were going to blow ourselves up.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Just take the TollNut

We are exhausted. We have been going full speed all day trying to move into the house. The movers were worthless; showing up with a tiny-ass truck to move the 2 apartments' worth of stuff we told them we had.

We have symphony tickets for the evening. ManThing doesn't want to leave Dog alone in the house the first night, because she will freak out and destroy things if left alone in a strange place. I call M and get her to go with me. ManThing and I are discussing the best way for me to get to the symphony, and instead of saying "Just take the Tollway from Walnut Hill," he manages to say "Just take the TollNut."