Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Monkey Has Left the Building.

I'm done, guys.

There's nothing left to do but complain, therefore, this blog has nowhere to go but down.
I need something positive in my life, and this ain't it.

I've had The Scarlett O'Hara Moment- As Jeebus is my witness, I will leave this profession! It won't happen today, or even in the next several years, but I will leave. I just need to set up a safety net first- and that takes time.

Anonymity has been...interesting, but I'm getting a clean start at TypePad- real name, real locale, real me. If I'm going to market myself (and beg for donations, heh) I have to learn to take direct hits to my ego; and have people know who I am.

If you want to follow, e-mail me.
If I know you in real life, I'll be updating you shortly- as soon as there's something to see.

Thanks to everybody for your comments and support over the last few years.

CAD Monkey

Friday, July 14, 2006

Amusing things I’ve seen lately:

A man who apparently owns a vast array of sport jackets from the Miami Vice Collection. Monday was powder blue, Wednesday was peach, and this morning was mint green. Each of these was accompanied by jeans, a white shirt, and hideous loafers in cream-colored leather.

This is on a cutsheet for some automatic sliding doors: “Stacked” finger safety applied to stroke.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mark of the Devil

First, the refrigerator magnet did not hold.

Second, when people ask me if I am “glad to be back [at work],” why do they always look surprised when I answer, “not really?”


Intentionally or not, a certain architectural louver company decided to give one of their products the model number “K666.” I’ve been calling it The Louver of the Devil. I called a local rep to ask some detailing questions yesterday, and she replied, “oh, you mean the Satan Louver. I don’t know why they decided to use that number.”

Also, the GMP* set for the project we're using this louver for was issued on June 6th. Think about that for a while.

*Architectural Term o’ the Day: Guaranteed Maximum Price

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Broke Ass

So I guess I’ve owed you guys an update for a while now. Doing almost anything other than writing in the blog has seemed like a better idea lately. Over the course of the next few posts, I’m going to fast-forward past the previous entry, then rewind, then resume at present time. Strap in and hang on. It won’t make much sense, I’m sure.

My six-week post-op appointment with the surgeon was last Wednesday. I finally got to see an x-ray showing the screws in my New and Improved Hip. There are three 3” screws placed vertically, and a shorter one going from back to front. The hospital charged me $506 for them. I should have asked if I could bring in some lag screws from the hardware store. According to my surgeon, I’m doing even better than he expected. He basically said “rise and walk, my child.” I’m down to one crutch.


My incision still hasn’t completely healed, and he said that may take another 6 weeks. He also showed me on the x-ray where I have a stress fracture in the inferior pubic ramus- also known as the “sit bones.”

Yes, I have a fractured ass.

I’ve reached the part of my recovery where I’m sick of being crippled, yet it will be another few months before I can expect to feel “normal.” I’m 80% pain-free, but I have the weird sensation of always feeling like there’s something in my right front pocket- even when I’m not wearing any pants. My leg feels like it’s crammed into the hip socket. I swear I can feel one of the screw heads through my skin, but I’ve yet to test it with a refrigerator magnet.

On Monday I returned to work. The good news is, they moved my cube while I was away- I am no longer anywhere near Hack n' Snort. Blissful, blissful silence.