Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Bitch Is Back

Or the bitch-er, anyway.

The recap:
  1. Still in architecture.
  2. Still hatin.'
  3. Moved to Houston. Like it here.
  4. Left Humongo for a 12-person firm.
  5. Still hatin.'
  6. Took a pay cut just to get out of doing healthcare architecture.
  7. Turns out that other project types only suck slightly less.
  8. Went through two weeks of hell getting off the crazy drugs I was on, to get on Emsam. I love Emsam. If I weren't already married, I'd marry Emsam.
  9. Had my two-year "hip-iversary" yesterday. Ol' Lefty is going under the knife sometime in 2009.
  10. I actually have a place to do art- and it's no longer the dining room table. Of course, it's still just a single table, but- progress!
  11. Got a kitten the day after Christmas '07. Cutest. Thing. Ever.
  12. However. She's crazy and is licking her tummy bald. Go figure.

May start posting regularly, may not. Not even entirely sure why I'm posting now, other than to say "I'm not dead" to anyone still looking.