Thursday, April 01, 2004

Desperation strikes again

...and I am going to take another shot at firm G. I interviewed with them last year, and while waiting for a second interview, decided I didn’t want to go with them. I was thinking, “why just go somewhere that’s similar to where I am now? I’ll hold out for a job I really want.”

Well screw that. I am SICK OF IT HERE! Today, I tried to do something as simple as send out an Evite. It turned into an hour’s worth of begging the IT nazi to enable my ability to use Evite, enable our e-mail server to receive Evite, and enabling people in the office to reply to them. All of that being said, I am still fully able to receive 138 pieces of spam every day.

PM asked me to scan a marked up drawing to send to the Mothership Office because our fax machines are hosed. Another hour down as I try to scan it, get an error message about “no disk space,” have to reboot- twice- and then finally I can send it.

My machine has been lagging all day, making me wait 30 seconds between each command. That’s just when it’s not crashing entirely.

We do not share the same server as the Mothership Office, and trying to get a file from them is another form of torture. Trying to add a speck of efficiency to my day, I was going to reuse a detail from another job to add to mine. One: It’s not on our server. Two: I e-mail someone in the Mothership and ask her to send it to me. She says the file is gone, and only the backup is there. I say, fine, send me that. I get a text file that blabs something about the file having been removed from their server because of a possible virus!

[insert agonized, beleaguered scream here]

I have no friends here, no raise, no will to stay. The only thing keeping me here is the inability to get another stupid job!!!