Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Did anyone else just see the FidgetMobile go by?

I’m trying to think of a way to express to you all the level of utter crazy that is running my thoughts these last several days. I figure, if I’m going to lose my fucking mind, it may as well give somebody some entertainment value.


My brain is set permanently on “fidget,” and the project that I’ve been assigned to (read: had dumped upon me) isn’t helping.

Bees! Bees! Bees!

This is the third project, in a row, in which my primary duty is to set up drawing sheets. Not exactly working that Master’s degree to the fullest at the moment. I waver between thinking I need something more challenging, and wondering whether “more challenging” would crack my presently enfeebled mind.

Heh. “Enfeebled.” MicroSkank’s spellchecker didn’t even flag that one.

ManThing told me that I should inform our head HR person that I’m going to be seeking treatment for depression. I think he’s crazy for suggesting such a thing. I don’t want anybody at work to know. How many of you would be okay with telling your HR person that you’re essentially a (barely) functioning loony?

Am I just placing too much emphasis on the stigma I’ve perceived to go along with depression?

I’m going craaaa-zeeeee…won’t you come along with meeeee?

It’s getting worse.

I wish I could find the article I once read, that showed architects in the top ten professions that have high incidences of mental illness…although I don’t know why I want it. Does anybody really need any more proof out of me?


Kent said...

Welcome to my world CAD Monkey. My last job didn't know anything about my mental illness... That is until I dissapeared for a few days only to call up one of the partners to tell him I was "in the hospital" and I'd be back in few days. I really didn't feel they needed to know any more information than that. If you tell the HR person there you should tell her that such information is extremely confidential and protected by law. Because it is. Not too mention that it is against labor laws to discriminate due to mental illness. If you do seek treatment your counselor should be able to tell you more about your rights at the workplace and how to handle all that.

Kent said...

Here's a helpful link