Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today, I was complemented on my uncanny ability to not burn my popcorn in the office microwave, thereby not stinking up the joint.

I'm very talented.

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Buildit said...

ah, yes the talents and abilities that are truly important in an office environment.

It's right up there with not drooling while asleep at a conference, sneezing into a kleenex, or at least not hitting anyone, and making suggestions that sound good but really ad nothing to the workload.

I think you should try and perpetuate the overworked mystique. Dig old plans out of the trash and line your desk with them. The added volume of paper will make you look VERY busy, and the fact that it's an old/finished project will not matter. Throw nothing away.
Don't make paper hats, and you will be fine.