Tuesday, July 12, 2005

13 reasons I know my project is doomed

After receiving the suggestion to create a "top 10" list, I settled on the number thirteen- the cliched number of bad luck...

  1. The project manager is asking me when the deadline is.

  2. The existing plan files (given to us by the client) are neither dimensionally accurate, nor what is actually existing.

  3. Most of the drawing files associated with the job have “issues,” which cause AutoCAD to crash fairly regularly.

  4. We have been unable to obtain an existing underground utility survey.

  5. Supposedly, there are two underground fuel tanks in the areas we need to dig in order to build column footings.

  6. We finally got a utility survey back (drawn in PowerPoint, no less) with a clouded area showing “possible location of third underground fuel tank.”

  7. The client asks us to take part of one drawing package and “just” add it to a different package.

  8. The Project Manager thinks it will take one day to do this task.

  9. It actually takes five.

  10. The due date is still the same.

  11. Some team members don’t realize that you can’t just change a file name on the server without royally screwing several other files.

  12. I accidentally deleted one of the files from the server (with no hope of retrieval) while trying to fix this error.

  13. The designer is still designing.

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