Monday, January 30, 2006

The scenario:
Coworker B comes into the office.
Hack n’ Snort asks, “How are you doing this morning?”
Coworker B replies, “Not so great. I don’t feel very well.”
Hack n’ Snort says, “What’d she cook you? Wives are bound to make something that will make you sick at least once.”

WTF?!? Is this guy from the 50s, or what? If he’s so sure that “wives” are out to poison their husbands, he should cook his own damn dinner.

Shut up, Hack n’ Snort. Go blow your nose. Or a goat.

1 comment:

zip said...

yup - I just shot back in time (a few decades) reading that!
I must remember to use your blow nose/goat line sometime :)