Monday, February 13, 2006

And for the day's final kick in the ass...

I was told that I got the boot from my next project, which would have involved me going to user group meetings through design development on a really big, from-scratch hospital.

The reason?

I don't yet know the date of my surgery, and "they can't depend on me" because of that.

I've been busting ass, and risking what's left of my sanity, on Project B for a damn year now, and my carrot-on-a-string just got yanked away from me. Because I want to walk without pain. Silly CAD Monkey! Career must come first!! I understand where they're coming from, but damn! Could the timing be any worse?

I feel like I'm going absofuckinglutely nowhere in my career. ManThing told me yesterday that sometimes he wishes I were more ambitious. With what seems like constant setbacks, it's hard for me to agree with him. Further, I don't think I really want to be more ambitious- or not in this career field, anyway. It seems a wasted effort. I don't even know if changing firms, yet again, would help. I'm firmly ensconced within my pigeonhole.

Meanwhile, a 36-year-old was just named associate managing principal of our office.
I'm turning 32 this year, and what have I to show for my seven years in the industry? Nothing- except for an architectural license, which is worth the same...nothing. The two designers that sit next to me are both 35, and neither of them have their licenses; yet, they are running their own design projects. Hell, even Hack n' Snort is running his own fucking project- sans license, and with less experience than I have! WTF?!? I can only assume it is because he has started playing golf with one of the PMs in the office. (rolls eyes)

Cube Neighbor's pyramid scheme is starting to look somewhat enticing...

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We allow this shit said...

So Hack n' Snort is running a project without a license. Who the hell is supervising him? If someone's plan stamping his shit then you should turn them in anonymously along with whomever is 'legitimizing' the other two designer's abortions. Make a stand, put a carrot on it, and tell them to sit on it!
... Easy for me to say.