Thursday, May 11, 2006

Flossing is Fun!

The weather outside today is gorgeous, so I sat in my car, windows down, sunroof open, to eat my lunch. As I continued to sit there, the prospect of returning to work became less attractive all the time. I even made a list:

Things That Sound Better Than Going Back to Work
  1. Flossing my teeth over and over
  2. Donating blood at the bloodmobile parked behind me, even though they'd throw it out afterwards (I lived in Germany, thus I fall into their "permanent disqualifications" group)
  3. Faking a doctor's appointment
  4. Faking a child, then faking that it was sick
  5. Staging a "cat health emergency"
  6. Faking my own illness (wouldn't be hard, as I ate my entire Chipotle burrito- and now feel barfish)

In the end, I settled on going back to work, and writing this list. That killed at least another five minutes.

1 comment:

Angie said...

Faking a child, then faking it's illness!!

Now there is one I have not tried. Thanks for the idea!!

*sighs* And now I am being drug away from my desk for a company lunch to celebrate co-workers birthdays. JOY!! *RawR*