Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So I haven’t made much progress on the “hospital story.”

But let me tell you how I am right now.

Right now I’m sitting, crookedly, because I have a block of ice under my right ass cheek. I also have a bag of frozen peas in a pillowcase wrapped around my right elbow.

I have officially reached the stage where I feel better enough overall to be annoyed that I’m not completely healed, and frustrated with the things I want to do, but can’t.

Out of an otherwise completely healed 12” incision, I have a ½” area that simply won’t close up. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow since the surgery. Close. The hell. UP. My skin is raw from pulling the tape off to change the dressing; it’s also covered in tape adhesive “leftovers” that I can only remove with rubbing alcohol- which makes the rawness worse.

One trip up and down the hallway outside our apartment leaves me panting, with my heart racing. This is also the reason I’m having to ice down my elbows- my weenie arms aren’t used to having to carry my entire weight. My physical therapist hath decreed that I shall make this journey five times daily.

I’m still waiting for it to become easier.

Any time now.

At least I have no trouble feeding myself. Like that was ever an issue.


Alex said...

I hope that your recovery is moving along, I was going to say speeding, but that seems inappropriate somehow. Just get better soon, okay?

Philip said...

Hmmm, how are you now? It's July 7 . . .

Sending peaceful, soothing, healing thoughts your way.