Friday, January 23, 2004

And Then There Was CAD Monkey....

No point delving into deep backstory. I'll just start from this Tuesday.

The server at work blew up.
Office-wide, the result was a mandatory slacking period that lasted the entire day. Personally, the server blow caused me to think, for the millionth time in a year, Dammit, I need a new job.
Kos, Sri, and I took a 3-hour lunch. No point in going back to the office in a hurry- couldn't get to any of our stupid drawings! We went to go look at the new office space. Across the atrium from the new space was another architecture firm. I jokingly said to Kos and Sri, "Hey, wouldn't that just piss them off if I were to get a job here?"

I sent them a resume Tuesday night.

Tomorrow, ManThing and I are going to shop for a baby gate. For his dog.
The Dog has separation anxiety issues, and has therefore scratched the ever-living shit out of ManThing's apartment door frame. We're talking bare-wood, chunks-missing. ManThing and The Dog are moving in with me for 3 weeks until the leaseback on our house ends in March. I'll be damned if I'm going to lose my deposit, too. The baby gate will be, I hope, a solution. I figure if we can keep her away from the door, she can't damage it.

The carpet is another story.

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