Monday, January 26, 2004

Playing hooky

I stayed home from work today like a big ol' slacker. I felt bad once I checked my work e-mail from home, because ManThing really wasn't feeling well today, and he went to work anyway. I thought really hard about going, but decided I'm completely in the "I'm getting a new job, who cares how much PTO I have left" stage.

Worked on my portfolio alllll day. I think it's done now. Thank goodness. I guess it's good that Big Firm R called and wanted me to interview so soon; that's the only thing that got me off my ass to finish this thing. It's also good because it will give me less time to get myself all jacked up and stressed out about the interview before it happens. They're supposed to e-mail me a benefits package- at least I'll get to see if it's all worth it before I go!

I'm not sure how excited I am at the prospect of working downtown. If I lived anywhere near a DART station, it might be cool. However, I will be dealing with good ol' commuter car traffic. Bleh. I wasn't meant to be a commuter. Wish I could figure out a way to work in my PJs from home.

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