Monday, February 09, 2004

My Life As A Graphic Artist

ManThing is starting up a business venture, and I offered (however unwisely) to do free graphics for the website. The problem is, so far they look like free graphics. I have a Thursday deadline, which is hindered by the fact I'm supposed to be working more time at my "real" job in order to reach the project deadline. And I'm sending out resumes. And planning a wedding. And buying a house.

Actually, I think I'm about done sending out resumes. I think I'm done working unpaid overtime at my current job, too.

It looks like Big Firm R wasn't as impressed with me as I'd hoped they'd be. Which may be a good thing, since Boss said the guy who runs the office here is a real ass. My mentor at work completely threw me under a bus by telling one of the principals that I was leaving- even though I have nothing in hand yet! He completely disregarded any confidentiality I placed in him, and the higher-ups now think I'm a deserter, so my remaining time with the company (which could be indefinite unless people start calling me!!) will be ever-so-pleasant.

If ManThing's business goes well, I may be able to work for him at home. And yes, I would gladly give up architecture. In a heartbeat.