Thursday, February 19, 2004

Out of the minds of insomniacs.....

The Big Project is finally out the door, or in a lull anyway. I was amazed by my complete inability to give a crap there at the end.

I get to play designer with a new project now. Sort of new- it's a relocation of a department we'd already designed once. The difference this time is that I'm hoarding it away from the senior designers, so I get to do it this time! They can't have all the fun!!

Since I can't sleep, I got up and took another crack at the logo for ManThing's business. Finally managed to turn out something that doesn't look like crap. Yay! I think he'll be pleased this time. His brother had sent a few logos, but while he has much more technical ability than I do with graphics programs, he lacks the touch of the "artiste." The things he's sent don't fit the more professional image ManThing is trying to go for. I really hate to use the word, but "cheese" comes to mind.

ManThing and I tried South Beach for a whole 5 days. Yeah. That sucked. Broke down and had sushi last night. With sake. Felt so much better afterwards.