Monday, May 02, 2005

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Monkey

When I'm sitting in a conference room with the project team, envisioning myself leaping across the table, anime-style, complete with 8-second hang time, to "tell" the designer what I really think of his latest ideas, does that mean I am imaginative, or is it just The Crazy?

And was it wrong that I thought up that image while I was supposed to be taking meeting notes?


Nimstug said...


I think it would be abnormal not to have such thoughts.

I am an architect living near a big midwest city. Old enough to be your father.

I have dealt with the insanity and stupidity of the profession as well as clinical depression, even to the point of hospitalization.

I laugh at the silly deadlines I am given (as an exanple, do complete construction drawings for a 12 unit townhouse in 3 days). I tell people I will do the best I can and try as hard as I can not to get sucked up into the madness.

Hang in there, Monkey!

The Zero Boss said...

AT least you didn't fantasize strangling him with your tail.

Marcus said...

That seems pretty tame compared to some of the fantasies I've had at work. Isn't there a scene in Artificial Intelligence where a guy pays to simulate killing his boss?