Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm not smiling. My jaw is stuck in clenched position.

Yesterday was spent in a 6-hour meeting, wherein it became apparent that much of the work I’d already finished would have to be redone. It just goes to prove that being “self-motivated” on this project will only get me screwed.

I will be spending most of this morning adding 4” “bumps” to all the edges of the building elevations, to indicate the stupid-looking, poo-colored, bullnose-edge, brick banding the designer wants to put on the building. There are 22 bands running the length of each elevation. There are 12 elevations, with multiple edges in each. I hate the poo-brick.

All the while that I am doing this, I get to listen as Ho-bag is giggling and having a great time, working on a design team, DOING WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING.

I was THIS CLOSE to getting a $2500 referral bonus, for getting a former coworker of mine hired. He had ALREADY SENT IN HIS ACCEPTANCE LETTER, but then withdrew it, after finding out his current company “really wanted him to stay.” They “really wanted me to stay” when I left, also, but I did what was best for me. After talking to the guy who interviewed him here, all of the same problems that caused me to leave are still in effect. Idiot.

And the final kick in the ass…Hack n’ Snort is about to get a $2500 referral bonus. For a guy who has only done churches- no hospitals. Fucker. One more reason to dislike him. Maybe he’ll use the money to get his fucking sinuses Roto-Rootered. I can only hope.

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