Tuesday, November 29, 2005

CAD Monkey: Someone is totally trying to mess with my reality. The coffee makers have had their pots switched, so that the “decaf” pots are on the “regular” machine, and so on. Does this mean I have to put regular coffee in the “wrong” machine?

Coworker: I think the cleaning crew just does that sometimes.

CAD Monkey: To screw with people like me!

Coworker: Uh huh. Yeah. [looks at me like I’m crazy. which I am.]

On another note, I think that K@shi should change the name of their "instant" cereal from "G0 Lean" to "Volcano in a Cup." I arrived at this conclusion after discovering that, no matter what size cup you put this cereal in, it will go from normal to volcanic in the space of two seconds- making it difficult to microwave.

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