Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I wonder if I should get a cape, too?

I had written a post last night, about how there was cake in the office and I didn’t tell any of the designers about it because I figured if they get to have fun at work, they don’t need cake.

Then the stupid power went out because it was sprinkling outside, so I lost my tidbit of literary genius.


So, instead, I present the following.

Beginning this month, TBAE has announced that it will issue every licensed architect a permanent plastic pocket card as proof of registration. I absolutely must find some opportunity to whip out that card while saying, “stand back, ma’am. I’m an ARCHITECT.”

1 comment:

Buildit said...

You don't need a cape, just a super word that shows your passion and usefullness.

OH, you know what's coming...

say it with me....

Loud and proud now.