Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh, for crap’s sake. I need to stop this whole “dream interpretation” thing- I am falling under the influence of chicanery and silliness. There are no answers to the "meaning of life" in my subconscious.

But it's still entertaining.

Friday night, I had a dream where I actually woke myself up by screaming. That has never happened before. In the dream, I was in our house, cleaning up around the kitchen, when I heard the front door lock rattle. I thought it was ManThing, and went to go open the door for him. Instead, it was a female zombie, who came into the house, and started shambling towards me. That’s when the screaming started, and continued until I found myself awake (and a wee bit embarrassed).

I’m not too sure how these interpretations mesh with the terror factor of the dream, but, again, some of them are quite fitting with what’s going on in my waking life…

Is there some activity, which you used to find interesting and exciting, yet now are finding dull and boring?
Have you become almost overcome with boredom recently?
Do you feel under the weather and tired- walking around like a zombie?

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