Thursday, April 20, 2006

Been moving. No internet at home. Sucks. Thus the abbreviated rant below:

I hate feeling like getting ahead at work has a whole lifestyle associated with it. In order to be seen favorably, you have to work overtime, play golf, attend industry events, participate in fundraisers, and/ or go to office parties. Can’t I just come to work, do a good job, and become recognized for…coming to work and doing a good job? Do I really have to spend all my free time trying to kiss ass and put on a good show?

Am I the only one who feels this way?


Nimstug said...

No, Ms. Monkey. You are not alone in your thinking.

I do not do those things you mentioned. I find most of the activities pretentious, costly, and insincere. I prefer to spend what free time I had with my wife and children (when they were living at home) doing things I enjoy. I supposed such decisions have cost me something in career. So be it.

Work so you can live, don't live so you can work.



pota said...

i feel your pain fellow cad monkey. i am just glad that there are others like me out there struggling through all the drama that surrounds this beautiful world of architecture.

i just keep reminding myself that i am doing what i am doing for the passion....'cause it sure hell ain't for the money or the respect.

keep the passion alive,