Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Embrace the Dark Side, Mikey

CAD Monkey note: Another has come to the dark side…my friend Mikey has joined The Man and become a city employee. Mikey, Lori, and I all worked in the City Planning Office where we went to school, at one time or another.

Mikey: Well, I now have a good job... good pay; medical, dental, union benefits, and a retirement plan. I'm working at the City of [Mikeyville] this time. I'm a permit tech, for the public works engineering "team." The people here are pretty cool, and the job is slack, but I just can't get over the damn "I'm back at the city" feeling. Plus in typical fashion I've gotten 3 other job offers in the past month. I figured that I'd go for pay. The only positive thing is that it's a limited duration so if I don't want something else in the union I can leave.

CAD Monkey: That's so great! I know you may not be completely overjoyed by it, but selling out to The Man isn't so bad- I did it, finally! There's something to be said for having benefits and good pay. The rest is what hobbies are for. I'm doing fine here, working my butt off in order to try and provemyself so I can slack in subsequent years.

Lori: Sounds wonderful. Nothing like working for the City... no matter where it is.

CAD Monkey: Yeah, *we* don't get union benefits, sheesh.

Mikey: I just saw my newest favorite office piece of paper- a "Paperwork Burden Disclosure Notice." It basically is a federal notice saying that this is shitty paperwork, and it's going to take you 3 hours to fill out. This one’s for a flood hazard certification form.

And yes, it requires a coversheet.

CAD Monkey: Oh man. You gotta send me a scan of that.

Update: Mikey sent me that form…and it actually tells you “the public reporting burden for this form is estimated to be 3.0 hours per response.” Blech.

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