Monday, December 27, 2004

Prepare yourself for one of the most ridiculous things you will hear today: I am afraid of learning to speak and read German.

“Nouns! Vocabulary! Grammar! Eeeeeee!” [runs away screaming]

After matriculating my way to a graduate degree, I am comfortable in my ability to use, or abuse, the English language at will. I speak fast, and often say big words. I have a sizeable vocabulary at my disposal; and I can either speak intelligently, or dumb things down, according to the situation. In most ways I wish to express myself, I am comfortable using English.

None of these things will be true once I begin to learn German, and it disturbs me. I feel that I will be rendered stupid by a foreign language.

This will not stop me from attempting to learn; it is just the reason why I have procrastinated thus far.

However, I have already learned how to say one thing: “Ich bin eine dick Tasche von scheisse.” That would explain how I feel about myself after lying around on the couch for two days in Lubbock.

And no, “dick” does not mean what it means in English.


belletrism said...

I respect this fear of yours... I'll be learning Danish starting late January. There's no denying it, we'll sound like mindless ferners while we say "Hello! My name is! I am from! My age is thus! Will you be my chat buddy please thank you very much!" But we can only do our best, yes? In the end, I thinks we'll be all the cooler.
Lovely blog, pretty design, and I like your werdz. Bookmarked, baby.

Anonymous said...


Ik denk dat het na Duits en Deens eens tijd is om nederlands te leren!

(The upper text is in dutch, from an other Leo monkey in a cubicle Jungle)

Kind regards,