Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Cat Yoga

As I finish up my 2-day convalescence after surgery, I am trying to rest and take it easy. Sitting still and relaxing have always been difficult for me, so I have turned to the in-house expert, The Cat. While she had some good advice for me about 22-hour marathon napping, I don't think I'll be up to following the remainder of her routine until my incision has healed.

Loaf Position: Choose comfortable spot, fold all appendages beneath yourself. Remain in this position for 2 hours, or until Dog comes near.

Power Paw: From Loaf Position, stretch leg straight out from body. Stretch both legs to increase difficulty.

Serpent Pose: Curl yourself sideways into a circle, being sure to bury nose in tail. Hold for 3 hours.

Lying Side Stretch: Lie on back, all feet up. Writhe from side to side. Bite anyone who tries to pet your belly.

These next two are high in difficulty, and will require human assistance.

Clothespin Pose: While lying in your human's lap, fold both back legs up over head. Maintain this position until you hear the words, "Quick, get the camera!"

Plank: While leaning against your human, put all weight on front legs. Hold position until human stops petting your belly.

I just stuck this one in to show the inherent peril in trying to photograph a cat.


Anonymous said...

hilarious poses. i'm taking care of the neighbor's cat right now, i can only pet her for about 5 seconds before she wants to bite me. hope for your speedy recovery,

just sayin' said...

what's with those spotted pants?

CAD Monkey said...

Those are my "Grinch" pajama pants!

rhein said...

:), i love this, yoga kitty style.