Tuesday, August 16, 2005

do they make an expansion joint cover for a psychotic break?

Hate. Stupid. Project. The stupid client refused to take our advice, and completely tear down the stupid 42-year-old building, so now we’re trying to (stupidly) build onto it, but have no accurate drawings or measurements of what's there. I’m trying to draw the existing exterior elevation, but again- no drawings, no measurements. All I have to go on for vertical dimensions are photographs, but, I don’t even know what size brick they used, so the “counting bricks” method won’t even work. I just discovered that the new plans have a door spanning an expansion joint, and I have to somehow preserve the top half of a louver that’s currently there. Brilliant.

The Project Manager won’t leave me alone; when he isn’t asking me to print something for him, he keeps wanting me to do tasks other than the one I’m working on at the time. It all has to get done before the deadline, so just leave me alone! I’ll do it when I get to it! I’m sorry you don’t know AutoCAD, and therefore can’t just do it yourself, but go away!

The structural engineer is being eerily cooperative, which is a complete difference from his disposition when the project started.. I’m just waiting for the explosion.

At least I’ll be getting one of my wishes. I go in for surgery on Monday. Screw the pain, I’m just glad to have two days off, during which I’ll be mostly unconscious.

This photo, taken on the existing site, just about sums it up.

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Buildit said...

Bah, that's no problem. It's the escape hatch for all the vampires that get piled up in the sally port on tuesdays.

Now that I'm almost out of a job, I look back to architecture, and the other people I know in the associated trades. I then keep looking in the newspaper for annother cushy government job. Possibly this moped repair bussiness I've set up will pay the bills.