Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Week of Suck

I opened up my e-mail this morning to find a smartass message from the Project Manager about yesterday’s plan incident:

CAD Monkey,
I am confused. Did we not draw to scale or what?

My oh-so-diplomatic reply:

Yes, we drew to scale.

However, I’ve been working from a combination of the badly scaled original backgrounds we received, partially inaccurate as-built plans, X's field measurements, and photographs.

When I referenced structural’s plan into ours, they didn’t match. I went and talked to [the structural engineer], and after looking over the structural plans, decided the architectural plans needed adjusting. The adjustment was only a matter of inches, but now the two disciplines’ plans line up with each other.

This was something that needed doing several weeks ago, but I’d been too busy with other issues to deal with it before now.

What I wanted to reply: Bite me.

Shortly after this exchange, I discovered that I’ve lost a damn diamond out of my wedding ring. I know where it fell out (I whacked myself on a filing cabinet yesterday), but since the cleaning crew vacuumed last night, it’s gone forever.

Hack n’ Snort, you do NOT have to tell people that you’re calling from the Humongo office in Dallas, Texas. I think they know where the hell Dallas is, moron.

Things are looking up, though. Cube Neighbor gave me a big ol' Caramell0 bar, and this afternoon a carpet vendor is coming in to booze us up and give us free food.

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