Thursday, September 08, 2005

the ass-crack of dawn

I have a deadline tomorrow, so last night I thought I would take some work home and catch up. Problem was, due to a hard drive crash a few weeks ago, I needed to reload AutoCAD onto my machine. I realized I no longer had the serial number or CD key to my, uh, bootleg copy. Oops. Rather than trek back up to the office, I decided to come in early this morning.

Alarm goes off. Please kill me.

Start drive to work. No school zones active yet. Score.

Please be open. Please be open. Please be open. Yesssss…buy Caramel Macchiatto with much-needed extra shot.

Arrive at office. Take the Good Parking Space, which unofficially "belongs" to a really nice guy in the office, but dammit, I want it today. The next 90 minutes are guaranteed Hack n’ Snort free. Score again. I could almost get used to this.

Still Hack n’ Snort-less! It’s my lucky day…except for the fact that I’ve been drawing stair details for the last two hours, and I’m not done yet.

Damn. He's here. Today’s count begins.

Finally finish stupid stair details.

Starting to wear down a bit. Self-medicate with Twix bar.

Dammit. One of the engineers called some existing pipes to our attention. They are unmoveable. We are not going to issue tomorrow, after all. Dammit dammit dammit!! I want this piece of shit out of here!!

I'm calling the count early. Hack n' Snort a very busy day today; we even have 3 catchphrases!

SS: 1
IBhon: 3

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