Monday, September 26, 2005

Introducing Ho-bag

There's a fairly new girl in the office, whom I've decided to call Ho-bag. She annoys me to distraction. ManThing doesn’t understand my (infrequent, but sometimes strong) need to be catty.

What is the anonymous blog for, if not that?

Ho-bag is the type who wears the cloud o' perfume that I can literally smell from four feet away.

She is the epitomy of What You Shouldn't Wear To The Office. Her pants are so tight you can see thong-line (which is kind of against the point?!?). She favors the shoes that have straps that wrap up your leg. Today she has on a long skirt- with slits halfway up the thigh on both sides.

She's a touchy-feeler; when she comes over to say hello, she runs her hand down your arm. Guys and girls. Ew. Get off me.

She's not terribly bright, either, and perhaps that is the real reason she annoys me so much. Supposedly, she has seven years experience (the same as me), yet she royally screwed up REFLECTED CEILING PLANS which I then had to do over. 74,000 square feet worth.

She dots the “i’s” in her name with little circles. Gag.

Recently, she got in a car wreck on a Monday, and hurt her leg, yet didn't file a police report or go to the doctor. She asked me about a doc-in-a-box four days later, because her abdomen was hurting, but then wanted to know if they were open on Saturday. Go to the doctor, idiot!

Also, because I'm stuck on my current crappy project until December 15th, I missed out on the chance to be on a design team for the next project. Guess who is on the design team.

The female PA that Ho-bag and I are currently working for doesn’t like her, because she does crappy, half-assed work at a snail’s pace. One of the male PA’s in the office has said he “just loves working with her.”

Gee, I wonder why.

Even though, in architecture school, I once was told I needed to "draw more like a man," I hate to play the "woman card." But, I also hate it when floozies like Ho-bag waltz in and get what they want; while I'm working my ass off instead of shaking it.

Stupid male-dominated industry. Underneath all that fancy edumacation, they're still just a bunch of good ol' boys.


Philip said...

You're making that up right? It's a cliche and you're bored...

No one really dots their i's with circles, do they?

CAD Monkey said...

Oh, how I wish I had made it up. I'm dead serious. I'm not even exaggerating.

P.J.Backman said...
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P.J.Backman said...

Holy crap.

If she got her degree in Architecture and has seven years experience, she is one of two things:

1. A calculating sociopath who has crafted a complete 'male tempting' persona in order to excel in the workplace without actually having to do real work. Which makes her dangerous and not to be trusted.

2. Proof positive that men are complete morons who cannot be trusted to make professional staffing decisions without first being on SaltPeter for a month.