Friday, September 02, 2005

It turned out to only be a Half-Week of Suck. Yesterday (and so far, today) was better.
I’ve printed my drawings, I want to go home.

But, since I can’t go home, I’ve made up a new way to cope with the constant annoyance that is Hack n’ Snort. I’m going to hyperfocus on his verbal tics and utterances, and keep a tally of them. It’s like a game to me now. I have a list of what I’m counting, and I’ve created “stock market” symbols for each. I’m almost reluctant to leave my desk; for fear that I will miss a snort, or an “HnS catchphrase!”

Here is the list of what I’m counting:
“Let me ask you this.” - LMAY
“I’ll be honest with ya.” - IBhon
SNORT (a.k.a. sucking back snot)
Scary Sneezes - SS (People on the other side of the building can hear these things, I’m sure of it.)

Today’s tally, as of 10:45am, is as follows:

IBhon: 1
SNORT: 18 42 (Friday's final count)
SS: 1

I can’t believe I’m excited about this. My life is so very sad.


MIM said...

This is too funny.

If you can't beat 'em, tally 'em!

valerie said...

i had this clueless structures teacher my junior year at maryland. he said "um" every other word. some kid tallied it up the entire year, figured out that in one year, if an "um" took so many seconds to say, it added up to i think it was two whole days of 'um'