Thursday, March 30, 2006

I know I'm not supposed to feed them, but they're just so darn cute!

Oh, goodiegoodiegoodie! I have caught a scaly little blog troll of my very own!

To celebrate this occasion, I have added a link to The Master Thwarter of All Trolls, The Misanthropic Bitch, to my blogroll.

My little troll-snack is served below:

I swear, I have never seen someone complain so much.

First, you have never “seen” me. This. Is. A blog. It is a slice of my life, not my entire life. It is a representation of my inner shrew; a place where I can complain every-fucking-day if I want to. I make the rules here. So suck it.

Second, visit that shiny new link I mentioned above. She has me beat by a mile.

Is there ever a day when you don't have a new ailment or something else to bitch about?

Yes, those would be the days between posts, when I’m off living my life, instead of leaving hatred-filled comments on other people’s blogs.

If you hate the work so much, get out!

If you hate the blog so much, get out!

You are making yourself unbearable, and I don't even know you!

No, you don’t know me, and I'm not sure why that would even be relevant. If the blog is “unbearable,” see above instructions; RE: Get out!

I only read your post to see what you are bitching about now (and, apparently, to leave this moronic comment), work or being sick or in pain.

So, that would make you...a masochist? In that case, you should be quite happy with what you read here- or unhappy, or however you psychos get off on self-inflicted pain.

Its amazing...Geez!

Yes, Anonymous, it is amazing that people must continue to flame on others in this manner, because they are too weak to say things like these to real humans in real life. What’s even more amazing is that you took the time to carefully pen this love letter to me, yet you couldn’t be bothered to come up with a more interesting pseudonym than “Anonymous.”

When I Googled the phrase “blog troll,” there were over 7 million results; with this amusing classification at the top of the list.


unsigned said...

You're right, I have never "seen" you, but lets dispense with the semantics, okay? I have "seen" your blog. I completely understand that you make the rules, and I hope this blog is some sort of outlet for you so that when you are out "enjoying life" you leave all this baggage behind. don't misunderstand me, I don't hate the blog...its useful to me. I read it and I remind myself how utterly annoying a constant complainer can be to other people, and I stop. Therefore, your blog makes me a better person! At times, yes, you become unbearable and I have to leave. The point I wanted to make in saying that you can be unbearable without knowing you is that your negativity and pessimism are so pungent that they infect even with words alone. Again, I use this to better myself. As for signing myself anonymous...we are not complete strangers. We know of each other. It would serve no purpose for my name to be printed here...its not the point.

J said...

Dear CAD Monkey,

I just want to let you know that I LOVE your blog. While I feel bad that you have to endure all the crap at your job, it is so cathartic being able to read what you write. Your blog gets more genuine "laugh out louds" than anything else I read on the net. Why? Because you nail it. You describe precisely what so many other CAD Monkeys (ie. myself) wish they could vent about, but for whatever reason, can't or won't. You present it in a humorous way (whether or not that's intentional), and it really brightens my day. It makes me feel like I'm not alone, and it makes all the problems seem a little bit more trivial. The only depressing aspect is that it makes me wonder if I finally were to jump ship for another job, would it be any better than my current one? For a while there I was thinking (hoping) that my employer was unique.

I listed my website on my resume, and therefore my employer knows about it (and visits it :-o ). I don't have an online outlet where I can vent. Reading your blog does the trick for me. I think your blog makes me a better person, because it helps me shrug off some of the stuff I have to deal with on a daily basis at work and I'm less likely to be completely depressed at the end of the day. I understand where you are coming from, which is something I am sure our "troll" would be hard-pressed to say.