Thursday, September 30, 2004

“Hon-ey, get up. It’s time to go make money for The Man.”

It’s the beginning of the annual Allergy Snotfest Spectacular! Each year, A.S.S. arrives unexpectedly, lasts indefinitely, and generally makes me miserable alllll over! My eyeballs feel like they’re going to pop, and the construction next door is so not helping. I am not well, but I have no more time off available. Since I was oh-so-eager to leap out of bed this morning, I was a half-hour late, and will have to stay later today. Joy! At least someone was nice enough to give me drugs once I got to work. Hopefully, this will soon enable me to wave my hand before my face and see vapor trails. Wheeeeee!

The dog apparently picked up a cold while she was boarded, and has been snarfing her way all over the house since we picked her up Monday. I managed to walk through a puddle of dog snot on the bedroom floor while getting ready.

It’s taking all my will not to call GFF under the guise of “Oh, um, hi. I was having problems with my fax, and wanted to make sure you received my resume- by the way, how does it look?” I’m allowing myself frequent checks of hotmail to stave off this temptation. That will only work for so long.

…And I just called. They received mine, and about a hundred more! She said it might be a week before I hear anything. The agony!

Woooo…..the drugs are working. I feeeel funnnn-ky…..

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