Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Letter to Old Navy

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently purchased a pair of Old Navy Super Khakis®. It has come to my attention, as a result of this purchase, that your manufacturing process may be flawed. This observation comes as a result of the fact that this pair of Super Khakis® has no buttocks compartment.

I am unsure how I am supposed to fit my luscious booty into a pair of completely flat-assed pants, and therefore, I plan to return them to the place of purchase.

In addition, I would like to be kept abreast (no pun intended) of developments stemming from my previous letter, "RE: Omission of Chest Space in Shirt."

As I do not have, nor will have at any time in the future, the body shape of a 13-year-old boy, I am unable to wear Old Navy clothing until these matters are resolved.

Thank you.

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