Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Why so difficult!!

Ten days until the wedding. I am freaking. Not even because of the wedding, per se.

I am stressed about:

  • crappy job
  • lack of money
  • lack of money making me unable to quit crappy job
  • starting to look for new (hopefully not crappy) job
  • fatness - I should have been motivated to do something about it- it's my wedding, for crap's sake!!
  • fatness - I'm afraid people will think it's a shotgun wedding because of the Buddha Belly
  • fatness - I'm so stressed by it that it gets 3 entries!
  • lack of exercise
  • lack of will to exercise
  • can't eat gluten
  • can't eat dairy
  • want dairy
  • may be getting gluten even though I'm trying not to
  • don't know whether to get refill on antidepressants
  • waiting to see whether quitting gluten and dairy will someday cause me to not need antidepressants
  • stomach won't cooperate and behave itself
  • my nails look like crap
  • my hair looks like crap
  • fear of coloring my hair, when I've never had that fear before- see below
  • afraid all wedding photos will look like crap ("bridal glow" only goes so far)
  • the violent mood swings that are accompanying all of this fun!

Plus, I've gotten myself jacked up on too much coffee and not enough breakfast. I'm like an uber-angry Cornholio.


Buildit said...

Damn! no gluten? it's in everything. About the only grain you can handle is rice, and there is one "bread" that you may be able to handle- Food for life Rice almond bread. It's expensive but it keeps you from poisoning yourself with bread.

So you finally found out that Pizza is the debil?

CAD Monkey said...

Unfortunately, almonds are also the devil for me! Bean flour is the way and the light!