Thursday, September 09, 2004

The Unleashing...uh, I mean Unveiling

I went semi-public with this thing today. Tried it out on Mikey first, then sent it to all sorts of people.
Gave folks the option to not have me use their real names. Lori says to use her at will!
Tried to remove any connectivity with my "real life."
Added a few links.
Listed myself on The Fantasy Blog Shares my stock!!
Added the Futurama quote in the sidebar. Hee.
I've actually spent most of the morning touching it up, adding bits, etc., with sorta-permission from work. One of the projects I'm doing is on hold because the owners won't sign the lease, ergo, we aren't getting paid yet. The other is out to the City and awaiting comments. The person I'm supposed to ask for more work is out until lunch? 2:00? The End of Time? Who knows??

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