Thursday, December 30, 2004

Find amusement wherever you can

Quite often, when I meet someone new, and tell them I’m an architect, I get the reaction, “oh, that must be fun.” (I also hear, “you must make a lot of money.” Don’t even get me started on that one.) Fun isn’t exactly the word I would use. Interesting, challenging, creativity-based, yes.


Read this over a few times and tell me if it makes ANY sense to you at all:

CORNER LANDSCAPING AREA means an area of any shape abutting the intersection of two right-of-ways equal to the area on a surface parking lot covered by a triangle formed by connecting together the point of intersection of adjacent right-of-way lines and points on each of the right-of-way lines 12.5 percent of the length of the surface parking lot's right-of-way frontage from the intersection, but in no case to exceed 225 square feet.

Someone actually got paid to come up with this. Further, it is indicative of a lot of code language. Woooo. We’re having fun now.

There are, however, funny moments and tidbits to the job. For example, I am working on a breast imaging center; where they will scan for cancer, and perform mammograms and biopsies. I have to type various e-mails regarding the project. Every time, Microsoft Word puts its little sqiggly green line beneath the word “breast.” It wants me to pluralize it. Every time, I think, they’re not going to shove both breasts into the mammography machine at the same time; leave me alone about it!

And there is also this: I found this beauty while searching for a rear-discharge, floor-mounted toilet. The seat has horns on it. They scare me. Posted by Hello

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Crazy Cat Lady said...

That toilet is so freaking weird.