Monday, March 28, 2005

"Good" Friday continues...into "Good Monday!"

The cat decided that Monday should start out much like Friday did…by her horking on a windowsill wayyyy too early in the morning. ManThing swears she’s on a schedule. That did wonders for my mood. However, ManThing was later in the running for Who Had the Worse Day:

To: CAD Monkey
From: ManThing
Subject: HAH!
I beat you again!
You thought your day was starting out bad, but check this out. First, we have seven new people starting today, and none of their computers came in on Friday. Plus a VP is showing up today and I have to get his system up and running. Beyond that, someone who's been putting off major maintenance to their system just handed it to me, AND I got something in from [shipping] and managed to cut the crud out of my thumb on the box. Did I mention that [the only other person in my department] called in today and [my boss is] still on vacation?

CAD Monkey:
Not so fast...
I have a set of drawings that is supposed to be at the contractor's by noon today, which means I need to have all the sheets from my consultants within the next half hour so the set can be copied. But, wait! On Friday afternoon, my Project Manager said something about the "roof ‘possibly’ not being able to withstand the weight of the new air carrier we're putting up there." He said he'd put in a call to the structural engineers this morning...he's not here this morning. He's out of town. I have no idea who I'm supposed to call to find out about this, I have no time to find out about this, and if I send the set out without an answer, it will likely come back and bite us when they find the roof can't hold the air carrier.

I still think that I'm in the lead, by a thumb.

CAD Monkey:
I would say you win, except for the part where you get to eat chocolate cake today (at a co-worker’s going-away party).

No no no no. I won't get chocolate cake because VP Smellsalot is over here, and I need to get the data off of his computer and onto his new one ASAP. He is in a meeting now and nobody will disturb him and nobody knows when he's getting out.

CAD Monkey:
Then you win, because I said "screw it," and sent the drawings to the printer without knowing whether or not the roof will cave in. And the print guy tells me there's "no way" the drawings will make it to the contractor by noon, and I don't care about that, either.

CAD Monkey:
…and the stupid project is back. Now, we’re not sending it out because Project Manager called (someone else, not me, the PERSON IN CHARGE OF GETTING THE DRAWINGS OUT) and said not to send it out, even though he was adamant about getting them there by noon. Maybe he could have resolved this issue before NOW?!?!

(sarcasm) I, personally, enjoy doing unnecessary work (/sarcasm), like I will be doing later today. We ordered computers to replace computers that we will then configure for other users. Flip-flops are so much fun. If someone needs a new computer, WHY NOT ORDER THEM ONE?

CAD Monkey:
"I, personally, enjoy doing unnecessary work"
You'd make a fantastic architect- better than me- if that were true.

I'm guessing that now would not be the best time to tell him our trip to Frankfurt is off, due to being a couple of broke-asses.

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