Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Morning Commute, Part II

I left the house at a little past 7 this morning, thinking that I would miss the bulk of the morning idiot traffic and have a pleasant drive.

Ah, Dallas, how I overestimate thee.

As I was “coasting down” to 20mph for the Most Pointless School Zone ever, the asshole in the BMW next to me lays on his horn because I didn’t slow down, point blank, to 20, immediately after passing the sign. I guess he feels it is his duty to protect the Future Over-privileged Twats of America. This particular school zone is for a school whose name ends in "Academy," and is the worst of all the ones I go through. I have never seen a human- nay, not even a squirrel- much less a child in this school zone. This school zone is devoid of life. The building itself is set back 400 feet from the road, so I can’t even think that it’s a noise-reduction issue. When I pulled up to wait at the left turn signal, I gave Self Appointed Traffic Cop the Glare of Death as he passed. And then I watched as he pulled out a newspaper and began reading it. At the steering wheel.

Mr. Save the Children obviously couldn’t give a crap about the other adults on the road. He's much too busy making sure cretins like me don't run over nebulous trust fund babies.

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