Thursday, January 06, 2005

De-Lurking Day WEEK

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I am totally stealing this post (a little late in the game, I admit) from The Zero Boss, who apparently got it from Paper Napkin. Ain't viral marketing grand?


Today This week has been deemed De-Lurking Day Week! Have you been reading the site, but never ever ever ever leave a comment? Well, today's the day this is your week.

Speak! Sprechen! Habla!

Leave a comment; I won't bite- unless you see fit to be rude- then you'd better watch out.


Anonymous said...

Hello is this thing on?


Jingle_Lady said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading after being gone two weeks. Thanks for the well wishes! :-)

Anonymous said...

I would leave a comment, but I don't want to be tracked by the man. BillGates, AlGore and the Ashcroft can see every move you make.

Karry said...

commenting.... am I too late to de-lurk?

Find your posts very funny and you have a refreshing way of viewing things. Keep up the good work.


AnonymousCog said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic blog that so eloquently captures the disaster
of an industry that architecture is.
I too have had enough and yearn for the day when I become a
fry technician at McDonalds.