Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Morning Commute

I am thankful that my commute in the mornings is only about 30 minutes, maximum. Today's drive, below, is an example of why. As I have never had an accident (or been caught speeding), I truly feel justified in saying that every other driver on the road is a fucktard. It's even worse when it rains.

Leave house. Lament the fact that the garage trash can has caused my car to smell like chicken gone bad.

Pass through four school zones in the span of three blocks. The concept of the Dallas school zone is stupid. Never have I seen a single kid walking to school. Anywhere. This is Dallas. Kids don’t walk to school. Ever.

See that one of the two entries to the Tollway is closed, due to maintenance truck. Marvel at NTTA’s recurring decision to perform maintenance during morning traffic.

Enter Tollway. Give the finger to big, dumb Suburban that refuses to let me merge. Curse my GeneriCar for being neither a 6-cylinder, nor a MINI.

Find the lane going 80mph (speed limit is 55mph). Settle in behind big, dumb Tahoe. Can’t see.

Attempt to pass big, dumb Tahoe on the right. Attempt thwarted when minivan in front of me slams on brakes. Curse profusely. Minivan is ugly and has annoying Jesus fish where the manufacturer’s logo is supposed to be.

Exit Tollway. Get stuck behind big, dumb, jacked-up Silverado truck. Chevrolet is not my friend today.

Another school zone. Actual children sighted. I am one street north of Dallas County Line.

Nearly get hit by big, dumb Acura SUV as driver swings left to make a right turn. Sigh. At least it wasn't another Chevy.

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