Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Just draw it like I sketched it

Last week, I was trying to lay out a new scheme for The Department, based on a sketch by my favoritest healthcare planner in the whooooole wide world, HP. He had shown no concern for the columns in the middle of the rooms. The rooms have equipment in them that take up the majority of the floor space in the rooms; columns in the center are unacceptable. I was fervently trying to remedy the column situation when HP walked by, and asked…wait for it…”how’s it coming?”

“I’m getting there, I just need you to tell me whether the equipment will work when arranged like this.”

He became obviously annoyed that I dared go in a direction he did not pre-approve. “No, that won’t work. Just draw it like I sketched it.”

Grrr. I am tired of fighting; tired of giving reasons for why I am doing what I’m doing; tired of needing to justify my four years of experience to someone so obviously full of himself. I don't feel like taking the time to point out the column situation to His Greatness right then. I want to prove a point.

With a blond-style tilt of the head and a winning smile, I say, “okay!”

I drew it, just like he sketched it, and took it back to him.

“Oh, there are columns in the middle of these rooms. How’d I miss that?” Hrmf, I wonder. He took the plan and completely re-did it.

Yesterday, I spent a little while trying to make his new plan legal as far as the fire code is concerned. I didn’t know where to start; I figured, “what’s the point, he’ll just take whatever I do, throw it out, and start from scratch again.” For a good bit of time, I sat and just pondered how much his plan truly sucked.

Today, I overheard him say that at the latest tenant meeting, the client thought the plan sucked. He’s going to have to start all over.


The rest of the team also has to start all over on the entire building his plan is going into- but at least it's not because the client thinks the building sucks.

D’oh! But also- HA! Because he has to start over, too! Neener, neener, neener!


Kent said...

Don't worry Monkey happens here too. There is only three of us and when the CAD boy asks me what to do I tell him to ask the boss because no matter what I tell him to do, it will be wrong. I think my boss relish's the feeling of telling us we are wrong. EVEN when he knows we are right. I don't know how many times he has berated the CAD boy because of a mistake that HE himself drew on the plans. Then when CAD boy points out said mistake he starts going into his canned speach about how its EVERYONE's responsibility to catch mistakes and we can't copy everything someone else says VERBATIM even though hes the boss and when we do question his redmarks or techniques he again points out that we are quite WRONG. Not too mention the fact that CAD boy is straight out of highschool and has absolutely no idea how a building goes together. So what else is he supposed to do but copy what everyone tells him? Anyway this comment is getting long and has inspired me to make a post about my boss on my blog again. Ciao

Anonymous said...

Direct quite from my evil bossman.
"I don't want to hear about codes. They just stifle my creativity."

Anonymous said...

"Design depends largely on constraints." -The ghost of Charles Eames