Saturday, January 22, 2005


I gave myself the gift of 10 hours sleep last night. I badly needed it.

An update to yesterday: there was a meeting at 2:00, and 2 hours later, I emerged feeling like I might hurl. Through some course of events I still don't completely understand, there was talk of making me the Project Architect for the job I've been working on (the healthcare tenant parts of it, not the outside).

Part of me thought, "Oh, yeah. They have seen my genius. Bring it on."

Another part thought, "Oh. Dear. GOD. I'm a wreck right now! How the hell would I handle more responsibility? More responsibility equals more work! More work equals more hours!! I can't do it!!!" [hyperventilating]

I still don't know how I feel about this opportunity. I'm going to call it an opportunity, because it truly is- it just may kill me in my current state. Okay, have to quit writing about it...starting to hyperventilate again...


Jingle_Lady said...

Being the Project Architect sounds like what you've been asking for - grab the opportunity with both hands. And try not to hurl or stress eat. ;)

Eh, who am I kidding, I do the same. Except when I'm handed more responsibility, I go into passive mode. Working on it though.


Kent said...

CAD Monkey, I feel your pain. News like this is definately bittersweet. I've gotten so much more responsibilty than I bargained for when I swithced jobs that I'm starting to reminisce about the days of just being able to get by with just doing what someone else tells you to do. Which is one of the reasons for the switch in the first place. Hang in their deal with the extra stress in a positive way and I'm sure things will be great!