Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It's a beautiful day in the cubicle

Our office, like so many others, is entirely too air-conditioned. I spend most of the time double-sweatered, drinking hot tea, and freezing my ass off. Even the guy who sits next to me thinks so. He has a space heater. A guy. So you know I’m not being overly cold-sensitive.

Sometimes I feel like Mr. Rogers; coming into the office, taking off my coat, and putting on my sweater. The only thing missing is the blue sneakers. I have a song, though!

It's a beautiful day in this cubicle,
A beautiful day for a corp’rate whore.
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?...

So, let's make the most of this 9-hour day.
Since we're stuck here we might as well say:
Would you be mine?
Could you be mine?
Won't you be my Monkey?
Won't you please,Won't you please?
Please won't you be my Monkey?


Kent said...

Ha! Air conditioning? The high here for tomorow is 19 degrees. Our office is a freakin ice box in the winter. We have one of those electric radiators between me and my coworker. Of course our stingy ass boss, around lunch time everyday, comes in and says why don't you turn that thing off, its steamy in here and its costing me money. He even said yesterday something to the effect that "by leaving it on its cutting into our raises". Asshole...

Susan said...

Totally relate - used to be stuck in cubicle hell for 5 years, about 3 years ago....Does the movie "office space" ring a bell? I can't even watch that movie without feeling nauseated. Total flashbacks from hell. Hang in there. My husband just got these cool socks that heat up and stay heated for like 6 hours? For skiing, but hey, they could help.....

CAD Monkey said...

Heh, I don't think I could use the mouse with socks on my hands! (They're what get the coldest) :)

Susan said...

Ahh...good point - you need those things the NFL players wear in the front of their pants - they have a warm pocket thingee for your hands during the time outs....don't you love my sports terminology?