Sunday, February 20, 2005

Friday was a good day.

Friday afternoon, I hit a lull in my current project. We had just sent out drawing sets for schematic pricing, and I wasn’t scheduled to get on anything else until Monday. It was 3:00, and I didn’t want to spend the next two hours sitting at my desk surfing the ‘net. I commented to my Project Manager, “I think I’m gonna take off early.”

He said, “Well, you’ve earned it. Have a good weekend.”

I was off like a prom dress.

Even with “permission,” I still felt the need to make a stealthy escape. I quietly gathered up my things, and make a quick retreat down the fire stairs. Even though he told me I had earned it, I still felt guilty. Because I dislike what I do, so intensely on some days, I have to sometimes remind myself that I do actually work pretty hard- even when it doesn’t feel like I’m working as hard as I should.

I took full advantage of the opportunity to go do some shopping during a time when all the other eight-to-fiving schmoes wouldn’t be out as well. After I’d finished shopping for necessities, I started to drive home. The weather was nice; overcast, but cool and comfortable. I was reminded of this post by Anonymous Cog. I was happy.

I was also dangerous. After driving past Calloway’s, I immediately made a U-turn and went back. I bought $75 worth of plants and mulch- a luxury I don’t allow myself often enough. I mean the plants; not the mulch. Heh.

The rest of the afternoon I spent out in the yard; digging, planting, mulching. It was work, but it was fun. Then, ManThing came home, and we met up with some friends for dinner. There was pasta. There was wine. All was right with the world.

I wish I could start off every weekend this way.

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