Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This is how my afternoon went

It's two-for-one day, kiddies!!

(CAD Monkey note: In order to establish the “emotional background” for this entry, keep in mind that I spent the entire experience alternating between nasty heartburn, and the feeling of Impending Hurl.)

There was a meeting scheduled for 2:30, with the developer coming to our office. They showed up at 1:50. The drawings had not been printed. Fuck. With AutoCAD, you cannot just print multiple files at once…oh no. You have to do them individually. This process takes around a minute per file- and that’s when AutoCAD is cooperating.

Yesterday, in order to get the drawings more prepared for the construction document phase, I had taken all of the columns out of the individual floor plans and put them into their own file. So now, in addition to having to print the six plans, I first had to insert the column file into each drawing I needed to print. Add another 90 seconds per file. Crap crap crap.

AutoCAD started misbehaving by not accepting my commands. HR lady was showing two new interior designers around the office, and introducing them to everybody. When she got to my desk, I made a wonderful impression with the “I don’t have time for this right now” vibe.

I managed to send the drawings to the print room downstairs. I made a pit stop at the restroom on that floor. Got “caught” by the maintenance guy again. I think he’s doing it on purpose.

Got drawings. Went to meeting. The clients didn’t even look at most of the stupid drawings. Another stress-filled effort well-spent. Crap.


Kent said...

This goes without saying anymore... but I totally know that situation.
Usually the boss is the one adding crap to the presentation that you know the client will not even acknowledge. You jusmp through hoops to get it done and bleh.

I was going to mention that you could always batch plot them but since they are progress prints thats not going to help you much.

20 something said...

just discovered this blog. you're mildy amusing. I might come back.