Monday, February 21, 2005

Window Licker

Today, in a Very Special Episode of “CAD Monkey in the Cubicle Jungle,” CAD Monkey comes to terms with her terrible secret: she has gone retarded when it comes to the one of the simplest aspects of AutoCAD usage. She does not know how to create a viewport in paperspace. (For all you non-AutoCAD users, this is akin to forgetting how to read!)

[tries to select existing viewport and move the contents, fails] Dangit! How the hell do I make a new one? I don’t know how! I. don’t. know. how!

[e-mails the calvary]

CAD Monkey: This is a sad, sad thing to admit, but I've gone completely retarded over the last 10 months. I honestly don't know how to create a viewport in AutoCAD paperspace. At Firm 2, they had a custom menu for it, and at El Hellhole, I didn't work on any project long enough to have to do it.

Liz: Do you need some assistance??

CAD Monkey: Gawd, yes. I'm a window licker. "0" is the current layer, and I type in MVIEW, right? I think that's got it.

This is just scary. How could I forget something like this? It is testament to the fact that if you don’t use something often enough, it leaks out through your ears. First, I lost any ability to use MicroStation, now I’m losing AutoCAD capabilities.


Kent said...

MVIEW works but if your lazy like me MV works too. I usually put them on defpoints or some other non plotting layer.

Buildit said...

make a screen what in the what what now?
Oh crap I really need to take a good class before I claim that I know autocad.

Anonymous said...

after using mstation for 7.5 years, turning to the dark side of acad is still a struggle another 7.5 years later. i still love mstation for all the flexibility and more (and executed far better) than acad ever will be. acad's xrefs are completely clunky vs. mstations ref files. if i could, i'd defect back to mstation ... in a second.

Anonymous said...

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