Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I realized that I have, once again, Lost the Funny in my recent entries. I’m sure they’ve been boring and painful to read. You’ll have to excuse me; my CAD Monkey Collar has been chafing a little, and my wittiness has suffered for it. The majority of what has made me smile at work has been of the “you’ve got to be kidding me” variety.

I do, however, “lurve” my PA. He makes up his own words, like “unfetteredness” and “legitimacized.” On a recent Monday morning, he showed me a ridiculously scaled back plan, saying, “look at this latest fax I just received from [the client].” After I had finished cussing, he told me it was a plan he’d made by using White-Out on one of their actual faxes. I’m still showing that plan to the other team members, just to satirize the insanity of the client.

On another note, at my last job, the annoying thing that would happen to me in the restroom would be the lights shutting off after two minutes. Here, I have the uncanny ability to be sitting in a stall right when the (male) housekeeping person wants to clean the restrooms. It’s happened three times now. Update 8:57pm: It happened twice today.

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Bill said...

I'm glad you have a collar! Else we fear you out of control, loose in our world, unleashed upon us :) hehe silly monkey! Bill the Brat sends....