Wednesday, November 03, 2004

50 CAD Monkey Things

  1. My favorite color is red. It used to be green. Not sure when the change happened.
  2. Harry Potter’s birthday is the same as mine- July 31st.
  3. One of my favorite numbers is 12. This is because of a period of time in my high school calculus class where the answers kept ending up being “12.” My friends and I started saying, “Twelve is the Answer to Everything!” Yes, I know this is a crappy “thing.” They get better. Stay with me.
  4. After making a D in college calculus twice (you had to get a C for it to count), I got out of having to take it a third time by going to the School of Architecture’s Assistant Dean (who was also my thesis advisor) and saying “c’mon, you and I both know I’m never going to use calculus in architecture, ever.” He signed it off on my transcript.
  5. Until I moved to Dallas, I was convinced that Starbucks Coffee tasted like ass. I later found out this was because the only place I’d had it before was the University Center at school, and the UC was notorious for screwing things up. They were incapable of making Pizza Hut or Chik-Fil-A palatable. The town I went to college in didn’t get a real, freestanding Starbucks until 2004- five years after I’d vacated the place.
  6. Air Force ROTC awarded me a full college scholarship. I found out ROTC sucked, and they wanted me to major in civil engineering instead of architecture. I gave up the scholarship after one semester.
  7. I can never be an officer in the military now. They made me sign a form and everything.
  8. It took me 7 years to finish college. I attribute this to starting out in civil engineering first, changing to another 5-year major (architecture), and having to work all throughout my college career.
  9. I am the first in my family to finish college, much less with a Masters degree.
  10. I have absolutely no student loans.
  11. I’ve had a job since I was 15.
  12. When I graduated college, I had never used AutoCAD before. I taught myself, on-the-job, in one month.
  13. I used to like to draw, by hand, as a hobby. Not so much after architecture school.
  14. I didn’t have my first alcoholic drink until I was 21. My parents bought it for me. I thought it tasted nasty. I’ve since learned better.
  15. I’ve only been puking drunk once. I was 29.
  16. I have the alcohol tolerance of a mosquito. The 2-Drink Wonder, that’s me.
  17. I began drinking coffee when I was 16. I started swiping it from the teachers’ lounge at my high school.
  18. I have arthritis in my right hip. Sometimes it's so bad, my leg will nearly buckle when I stand up. I will likely need to have my hip replaced one day.
  19. I have a Rocketeer figurine suction-cupped inside my car’s windshield.
  20. The sun has faded him so much; from the outside he looks like he isn’t wearing any pants.
  21. I have never been pulled over and have never had a traffic ticket (as of this writing, anyway).
  22. I have never been in a car accident, not even a minor one (same modifier as above applies).
  23. I have a “freckle constellation” of the Big Dipper on my right forearm.
  24. Though I am right-handed, I absolutely cannot snap with the fingers on my right hand.
  25. I can’t stand bell peppers. I will pick them out of frozen meals, even.
  26. I currently wear a 38DDD. I didn’t buy them, I didn’t ask for them, and if there were such a thing as a “donor program,” they would be gone. And I will probably get tons of porn spam now, as a result of having “38DDD” written in my blog.
  27. Although I’ve gained a lot of weight, somehow my feet have gotten smaller.
  28. Halloween is my favorite holiday.
  29. I don’t really like Christmas. It annoys me. The fact that people keep trying to start celebrating it concurrently with Halloween especially annoys me.
  30. Until I married ManThing, I had a horrible last name (sorry, Dad). People would always mispronounce it, misspell it (even after I’d spelled it for them), and mangle it in general. I had gotten to the point where I would answer to a reasonable facsimile of it. It was 5 letters long- not that difficult!!
  31. I’m an only child- the family name ends with me.
  32. No, I’m not spoiled.
  33. Dream job? Artist. Not a poor artist.
  34. Second choice? Professional gardener. Also not poor.
  35. Until this whole celiac/ no-dairy thing came to a head, I used to eat anything without wondering too much what it was made from. I spent a week in China in December of 2001. I have no idea what I actually ingested that whole time. It was great. I miss that.
  36. I’ve donated blood only once in my life.
  37. The second time I went back, I was no longer allowed because I’d lived in Germany between 1982 and 1985 and the Red Cross now thinks that means you have Mad Cow Disease.
  38. I’m a cat person, through and through.
  39. My cat is a “balcony baby.” I found her, on my balcony, pitifully eating the breadcrumbs I’d left out for the birds. Instant love.
  40. People have often told me I have a strange accent. This came as a result of being told by my high school drama teacher “no one will find you believable with that Texas accent.” I got rid of the Texas accent. Not sure what accent I ended up with; people have said I sound like I’m from Michigan. I don’t know what “Michigan” sounds like; I’ve lived in Texas since 1985.
  41. I’ve lived in Texas since 1985 (yes, I know that’s cheating). Can’t think of any other state I’d rather live in.
  42. ManThing and I are thinking of expatriating ourselves to Germany a few years in the future.
  43. I don’t do church. Not much of a believer.
  44. I tried to go Wiccan for a little while, but I found out I don’t believe in that, either.
  45. Even though I drive a teen-einsy car (Honda Civic 2-door), I can’t parallel park worth a crap.
  46. Quite often, I snort when I start laughing really hard.
  47. I have a bad temper (when provoked) that has inspired ManThing to call me the “Little Ball of Fury.”
  48. I don’t want to have children. Ever. “Are you sure?” Yes. “You’ll change your mind…” No, I won’t. “It’s different when they’re your own.” No, it isn’t. “But…” No.
  49. Brought this up with ManThing on our second date. His reaction: “Not have kids? I didn’t know that was even an option. Huh.” Love this man!!!
  50. I once had a date with an idiot who grabbed my breasts and said “honk!” This was, obviously, not ManThing!!

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Anonymous said...

I went to China for six weeks during the summer of 2002. Before this I used to drink Soy milk every so often. When I came back I had this sudden weird allergic reaction to it. I even bought this Neutrogena stuff with soy in it to put on after you've been in the sun all day - and that made me break into a rash! I don't know what China has goin on over there... glad to hear I'm not the only one with milk type products because of China!