Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Rubbernecker Rant

I was driving to work on the Tollway this morning, when it annoyingly came to a complete halt. Dammit, I’m paying my 60 cents; I want to go fast now!! Sitting up as tall as I could in my seat- which ain’t much, I’m only 5’3”- I saw flashing red and blue lights up ahead. A wreck. Never good. As we inched closer, I saw that it was a pretty bad one- but it wasn’t even on our side of the barrier! This annoyed me further, because that meant the reason we were slowing down so much was so that people could rubberneck. I always hate this.

Do you really want to see some carnage? Do you really? If you do, then go watch some episodes of ER. That’s not real. That’s not an actual person in actual pain, and you can stare at it all you want. Slow it down, even, if you want a really good look.

On the road, however, you’re not helping a damn thing by staring and slowing down traffic so you can (possibly) get a glimpse of some blood and guts. If you're on the side of the barrier with the wreck, you're holding up the emergency crews trying to help the people. If you're on the other side of the barrier, you're annoying the ever-living crap out of someone like me.

Drive, damn you all! Mind your business! Don’t cause another wreck because of your stupidity!


Also, in addition to the plotter at work being down (read: unplugged) for a week, now the little b&w printer is...wait for it...out of toner, and we're all (25 of us, folks) supposed to print to the color printer. Somebody is printing a big color job today, which takes a minimum of 10 minutes per sheet, so I will not get my little paragraph of text for who knows how long.

AAAARGGHRGRGRGRGRHHH!!!! Hate this retarded, small-time, ass-backwards place!!!

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