Monday, November 15, 2004

Blog Explosion, Part II

Generally, I like Blog Explosion, as it has been the sole reason my traffic has increased so much. As I’ve used it more, I’ll admit I do have some beefs with it, though (hopefully they will remedy some of these after they’ve been around longer).

For example, I wish I could block whole genres from my surfing; a limit of 25 blocked sites just isn’t enough, kids- especially as Blog Explosion continues to grow. I really don’t care about SAHMs, or other people’s political views, or religious views, or blogs that were apparently written by eight year olds (not sure what category that last one would fall into).

**Edited 11/16/04 - Okay. I knew I was gonna hack somebody off with this paragraph, but let me 'splain. SAHMs: I have great respect for what you do; my mom was a stay-at-homer until I was eleven. I just don't want to read about poo, or look at 20 pictures of your kid per page; and that's the caliber of what I've encountered thus far. I still stand by my opinions on the political and religious blogs, however. -CAD Monkey **

Do I have to look at seven different blogs by the same person? In a row, no less? Does that mean this person, in turn, will be forced to look at my blog 3.5 times? Probably not.

I’m not even going to look at what I’ve been “rated,” because it would probably just make me angry. There is no clarification on whether the rating is based upon content, visual quality, etc.- not that mine would win raves on either.

This one has more to do with the bloggers than the administrators: quit begging for iPods! You’re embarrassing yourselves, and when I see the “free iPod” thing on your site, I immediately lose interest in anything else you have to say. Ask Santa for one. Leave the rest of us alone. There, I’ve said it. Commence Flame War.

And this last item, which is purely my own fault…it’s too much like having a pet! I feel like I have to keep nurturing it (by surfing) in order for it to grow (have people look at my sites). I really shouldn’t be surfing at work; I just nearly got caught looking (staring…rowrr) at a blog with an underwear-clad male model on it. Hee.


Anonymous said...

Well said. I, too, feel as though BE is my Tamagotchi.

Don't forget about all the Scott Peterson entries.

::Mona ::

Anonymous said...

Came in via Blog Explosion. I am a SAHM who is also going to school.
In each and every blog I surf I try to find something that I can relate to. Part of the Blog Explosion experience for me is to broaden my horizons. Sometimes it means reading things that don't appeal to me in the least. (political blogs, people rambling on about religion)
Instead of always reading for content I read for writing styles and sometimes I am genuinely surprised. Honestly if I hadn't done this I would have clicked after 30 second here because I'm not in the work place outside of my home at this point so I had to dig to find something in common and I found it. School and the way they rate blogs!!
I think the rating system is a good idea BUT exactly what people are rating is hard. I have had ratings as low as 5's and as high as 10's. I don't rate a blog if I don't like it unless of course the person is begging me to rate it on their site!. Personally it's just courtesy to them to keep my negative opinion to myself. Like my mama use to say..."If you don't have something nice to say...just keep it to yourself." And in this case I apply it!
Even though we don't have much in common I did enjoy my read.

CAD Monkey said...

Fair enough!

Jexebel said...

Damn, you were right about the backlash. Ironcally, one of the breeder blogs linked to me, providing a weird jump in hits. One of the linked people even paypaled me a donation. Yeah!