Monday, November 08, 2004

I'm Married...I'm Not Supposed To Have To Date Anymore!!

The job search continues- obviously. I don't know that this blog will survive, should I find a job I'm happy with. After all, isn't its premise to rant about how my job blows goats?

With every interview that passes, my mind keeps wanting to compare the job-hunting process to dating. You get all dressed up, and sit nervously while waiting for them to come retrieve you and begin the encounter. You put on your best manners, and try to say flattering things about yourself- but not too many! You don’t want to sound conceited.

After it’s all over, you go home (or back to work) and start waiting to get the call for the second “date.” And you wait. And wait. At the time of the actual interview, you thought everything went well, but the more time that goes by, you start to remember the stupid things you said. The things that could have been construed as desperation.

Every time you like a firm, it is unrequited. The firms you couldn’t care less about are the ones who like you back. You find yourself wondering, “should I say ‘yes’ to the less attractive firm, who wants me now; or hold out for the more attractive firm- and possibly be left without a date to the dance at all?”

“Should I forego a 'relationship' in favor of cheap thrills and just do hourly work somewhere?”


“Why am I so ugly??”

And then I start sending out resumes...again. I like getting hurt.

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